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I think I will be searching for answers about everything for my whole life, until the last breath. I have always been curious and being childish is my second nature. 

For years I was repressing the true side of myself and lived by the rules deliver down to us by previous generations and ancestors.

After moving to London UK in 2010 the first thing I did is join the Kundalini Yoga training and from there I am finishing and beginning a new course after another. So far I have finished a number of legitimate and fully recognised massage training and some Neo-Tantra training which are nothing like a set of exercises. The theory is taken away and adopted to the modern face pace world. Be cautious with Neo-Tantra, not a Tantra as a Teaching.

Recently I have finished the course which gave me answers about sexuality, how it works and why it let us down. What if I say most of the population in this world is missing cuddles and intimate touch? Will you agree with me? And If you ask yourself - what exactly do you want? Would it give you clarity in your future actions? It Will shape how you communicate with yourself and others, isn't it? Maybe choosing to stay away from temptations is the right choice.

How often do you choose pleasing others and never get what you want? Do you know if your body could speak - it would definitely say "it was an act of sexual abuse, and nothing to do with authentic desire"?

My new job or offer to you is to help find a true "thing" around touch and intimacy that help you to glow, to grow and feel content. 

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