This was my first visit with TJ and it certainly won't be my last. Of course he offers the same high standard that any professional masseur should: a friendly welcome to a clean,warm studio,with a drink a shower and a consultation to better understand the needs and expectation of his client.But it is during the massage session that you become aware that you are in the capable hands of an unusually skilled and intuitive man. He takes the art of massage to a higher level.If it is your first massage or one of many don't hesitate in booking with TJ,you won't regret it.


The language of touch I can speak

For any individual when they come across massage for the first time they can feel confused and overwhelmed.

Below I include the list of questions I am constantly coming across and for each person, answers can come from different places of life experience, belief systems and background. 

  • What do I want? Around massage and touch?

  • What I don't want? Around massage and touch?

  • What do I like? Around massage and touch?

  • Is it just a relaxing massage and what to do if I get aroused (engorged)?

  • Can you stay focused throughout the whole session for your personal benefit? Or want to give a touch in return?

  • Am I feeling comfortable with touch around intimate areas?

  • Would I feel safe and comfortable with a man (PWP) or a woman (PWV)?

  • May I touch in return? What are the therapist boundaries?

  • What else do I need to know or learn before stepping into the "murky" water of my personal sexuality?

  • What happens if I like the touch and I would like to have more than just a relaxing massage? 

  • How to communicate if I would like to explore "innocent" erotic touch?

  • I like the idea of being restrained, where I can find a practitioner I can trust and make the first step?

  • Are you comfortable with sharing body fluids like saliva, precum, semen, and other fluids?


Deep Tissue or Thai Massage. 
Clear "clinical" setting and boundaries.

Basic Western and Eastern style massage. Fixed routine.  You can stay naked if you want to.

I am fully trained and certified to provide this type of service. 


Endless magical dance around your body. Sensual and/or Erotic options (based on your boundaries and mutual agreement)

The continuous strokes from head to toes. It has some magic as makes you feel light as a feather and has elements of strong pressure to feel grounded.
This is one of the massage styles that can contribute to understand and welcome FULL BODY ORGASM without being fully aroused at all. The orgasm happens on different levels which can be achieved by deep relaxation


Gentle Naked massage with a close touch and by contact. Ideal if you want to explore external and internal ANAL massage. Lingam massage is part of the routine for good 10 minutes of teasing.

This massage has a lot to do with Thai and Shiatsu movements. It can be done only on the futon and has movements couldn't be done on the table.


Endless body worship. Erotic Massage

This massage doesn't have any clear structure. Always naked, always with eye contact, always with a deep focus on breathing, always with an awareness of your body and sensations.
It has the main element of adoring and worshipping one's body like a goddess. It has an opening undressing ritual and a long waited time for the release to relax.
It's definitely an High Intensity Erotic Massage


If you looking for relaxation. Sensual massage

Never had before an Erotic Massage? So this is the option for you to begin with.
My invitation is to lie on the table to relax, and if you don't know what it's - focus on deep breathing and enjoy every single touch that is given to you. Mutual touch isn't part of this option, but if it's what you want not a problem at all.
But please avoid touching genitals. Hand on hand or shoulder is fine.
Mutual play with genitals is by definition is an Erotic Massage.


If looking for connection with mutual touch and crossing fluids.

This massage opens new possibilities, opens access to the boundaries in sex that have been left neglected for a number of reasons. But they are there and not satisfying them causing loads of trouble.
This massage is not for everyone. You must be open and receptive to mutual touch.

Please give me feedback like ideas, how to improve everything that you just read above. Thank you