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How things are working with me

Q1. How to arrange an appointment?

A1. Please contact me via text, WhatsApp, or email to arrange an appointment. 

Q2. What payment methods do you accept?

A2. Cash, online payment, BACS.

Q3. Where are you based?

A3. I am available for incall a) Stanmore NW 5 min from the tube b) Fitzrovia W1T  10 min from the oxford street/TCR

Q4. Do you film your massage sessions? I have seen some of your work online.

A4. Filming possible a) your consent against payment b) arranged in advance. 

I can promise no hidden cameras in the room without your agreement. I don't want or intend to break your privacy.

Q5. Does modelling mean I can have a free massage? How to get on the list?

A5. It's not available for everyone. Send me photos of you to begin a conversation.

Q6. I am for the first time; what would you recommend?

A6. It all starts with you. Here are a few options. a) Book a free phone consultation b) begin with a sensual massage c) be clear about what you like and don't d) refer to specific movies to begin a chat.

Q7. What is your STI/STD status?

A7. In 2022 I had four checks, which is a perfect number for me. It's all about crossing fluids - entirely up to you. 

monkeypox your COVID/monkey pox status?

A8. Vaccinated.

Q9. Do you keep client records and details?

A9. I don't keep records after clients' visits. I don't ask for personal details or anything that can make you feel exposed. 

Q10. Are you fully insured?

A10. Yes, I am fully insured for a holistic massage. The insurance policy is invalid when you touch me or ask for extras.

Q11. Why are you doing it? It's not a "safe" place to go, and you break the boundaries and everything that I believe?

A11. Being sexually aroused is like being in a non-ordinary state of mind. There's an option to talk about everything before writing or any other way. Your clarity is welcome and required if you want more than just a "clinical" touch, feeling intimate and wanted. It takes two to dance. To have sex requires a bit more than following someone's instructions.

It would help if you found your way to understand yourself, your body, and your needs. The ability to navigate defines you as a free spirit. And remember, we all are perfect.

Q12. What is the difference between mutual touch and mutual play?

A12. Mutual touch is when the client/patient places his hand on my leg or shoulder to feel supported. A mutual or joint play is when the client's hand stroking and caressing to arouse me. Touch is permitted at any time, but play must be discussed or booked for any massage higher than a sensual option.

Q13. What is the difference between client and patient? 

A13. The client is a one-off meeting. The patient is the one who is looking for more than just a meeting. Seeking meaning, but not a spiritual connection with me. I am only to facilitate the experience and show the safe way. 

F.A.Q.: Policies
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